JoltBug Rock Sculpt Brushes

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Manually sculpt your own style of rock in Zbrush with this pack of 16 rock brushes. These brushes are strictly for manually sculpting rocks. They are not for creating instant sculpted rock surfaces or patterns in one go. Therefore, go for this brush pack only if you are trying to create a rock manually from zero.


Please go through the instructions provided with the pack

Please watch the two video links in the product description to know more about how to use these brushes to create a detailed rock surface.

This pack contains:

One .zip file with

• 16 Zbrush brushes and 16 corresponding alphas

• One document with instructions.

• One Ztool rock with three subtools at different resolutions and UV maps added.

• Two more brushes and one alpha has been added.

Alpha details:


16 bit, Grayscale


Even though you have the freedom to change or manipulate all the brush and alpha settings however it is optional. You can create complete detailed rocks without changing any settings. Please watch the videos here to see how to create a rock without changing the brush settings:

New release (r1.2):

Two new brushes and corresponding alphas are added in the new release including all the old components from the previous release.

Specifications for the sample ztool rock (Sample Rock.ZTL):

• The Ztool rock consists of UV maps

• The Ztool has different subtools with different resolutions from low to high

• The Ztool has no textures or baked maps

• It can be used in any of your projects

Making of this rock has been demonstrated in the following youtube video:

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This pack contains one zip file containing 16 Zbrush rock brushes with their corresponding alphas. The updated version contains an added Ztool rock plus two new brushes.

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JoltBug Rock Sculpt Brushes

5 ratings
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